Chakras At Birth

Our Root Chakra is not the only chakra we are born with.

I have an extremely active chakras system that loves to respond to all my questions. I’ve gotten so good at communicating with my chakras that they will respond in a specific order that I have preset to prevent confusion. One of my preset answering options is to have the chakras respond to me in first to last, I’ll explain.

I was asking my system what is the first chakra we have that gives us life? The Kundalini – which is located at the base of the spine activated first. The Kundalini is feminine in nature and is a major source of life giving Chi. It is the Kundalini (female Root Chakra) that allows the cells to multiply once an egg has been fertilized. Then from there the masculine Root Chakra is formed. The masculine Root Chakra is located between the genitals and anus. The Kundalini aids in development of the Naval Chakra, amniotic sack, amniotic fluid, umbilical cord, placenta and the formation of the fetus’ body.

I continued to feel other chakras activate while still feeling the Kundalini and Root’s activity. The next was the Heart Seed and Energetic Heart. I say energetic heart because we have a physical Heart Chakra as well and a High Heart Chakra, which starts development in our 30’s. Next is the Throat, Mouth, Nose, Ears, Eyes, Pituitary and Crown Chakras. I found this interesting because most information available on the web speaks of only the masculine Root being developed at birth. I thought how is that possible, we have senses when we are born. We can hear, smell, taste, cry and feel both physically and emotionally. The Crown and Pituitary help to regulate bodily functions so how can we only have a Root Charka at birth? The only area that is the weak enegrtically are the eyes. We are born blind but develop the ability to see a couple weeks after birth and the Heart Seed is where our soul is housed.

We lack the ability to speak or move with skill so our senses and energy are how we acclimate to our new external environment. The second thing I found interesting is that the both Roots never deactivated as the other chakras began to sound off in the order of their development. It was as if they were telling me that they aided the development of these chakras and their energy was the predominant energy in these chakras at this stage of life. The third thing that surprised me was the absence of the Sacral and Solar Plexus.

Even though all of these chakras exist in utero they are really only present for survival reasons, which is one of both Root Chakra’s primary functions. This could be one of the reasons that it is believed to be the only chakra we have at birth or maybe no one has ever dug deeper. When I dug some more, I found many awesome article about the development of the chakras after birth, you can find one of them here. After reading the cycles of the chakras it made sense why I didn’t feel the Sacral and Solar Plexus. As an infant we really don’t have complex emotions. Once we hit 2 and 3 years of age that’s when we really start to explore and express a little more clearly what we want, what we need and test the boundaries of the world and people around us, still with active Root energy. At this point we also begin to have a more defined personality.

In time the chakras we have in utero begin to develop their own energy separate from the Root. Well, sort of, but that’s for another day!

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